Arthur Henry Memorial Dedication Ceremony


Educational Forums

ATJ has periodically had its own educational forums in order to establish and re-establish our vision. We have also partnered with other community organizations, such as Valencia State College’s Peace and Justice Institute, to work with the public.

ATJ’s educational forums successfully brought the story of the Ocoee Massacre to the public. After telling the story with a slide show and short film, small break-out sessions took place where audience members became active in communicating their encounters with racism. Scholars, community members, and voting experts spoke, providing information for dialogue.

Community Visioning 1920 Ocoee and Beyond: Paths To Truth and Reconciliation

Equal Justice Initiative Lynchign Marker Unveiling

Wrestling with Our Understanding of Race and Ethnicity

The Yard, a 60-minute documentary about a history professor in Memphis, Tennessee who discovers that the parking lot of the church he attends used to be a slave yard belonging to a general in the Confederate Army.

Partnership event with the Alliance for Truth and Justice and the Peace and Justice Institute at Valencia College

1920 Ocoee Massacre and Beyond: Paths to Truth and Reconciliation


Equal Justice Initiative, Orange County Task Force