Arthur Henry Memorial Dedication Ceremony


Our Work

The Alliance for Truth and Justice is a partnership organization with the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

1920 Ocoee Massacre

On Election Day, November 2, 1920, in Ocoee, Florida, Mose Norman, a Black man, was denied the right to vote after being accused of not paying a poll tax.

Historical Markers

ATJ recognizes the importance of marking our lynching history. Toward that end, we work with EJI on placing historical markers in public places. Each marker is dedicated with a remembrance ceremony.

Commemorative Soil Collections

Soil collected for Arthur Henry and the victims of the 1920 Ocoee Massacre was collected in the Fall of 2018. While the names of the victims are normally listed on the jars, 31 of Orange County’s jars were labeled “Unknown.” 

July Perry

July Perry was lynched on November 3, 1920, after attempting to vote in the presidential election.

Lynching of Arthur Henry

On November 27, 1925 at about 1:30 AM, Arthur Henry, an African American man, was lynched after being abducted from Orange General Hospital. 


ATJ is keenly aware of the history of voter suppression in Florida and around the country. As part of our mission, we encourage every citizen to vote.

Educational Forums

ATJ has periodically had its own educational forums in order to establish and re-establish our vision. We have also partnered with other community organizations, such as Valencia State College’s Peace and Justice Institute, to work with the public.


ATJ partnered with EJI to give four scholarships to deserving high school students from Boone, Evans, Jones, and Ocoee high schools. Each student wrote a winning essay.