Arthur Henry Memorial Dedication Ceremony


A refuge in Ocoee Christian Church

Situated on Bluford Avenue, not far from Starke Lake, is the Ocoee Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Built in 1891, it is a stunning Gothic church with chancel windows from Belgium and side windows that may have come from New York. The floor and pews are original.

The church protected Blacks during the1920 Massacre, locking the doors and refusing entry of a white mob. The building was shot at but not burned, probably due to the fact that it was a white church. Bullet holes in the church’s cross are still visible.

In late November 2021, days before she retired, Pastor Margaret Marquis spoke of how proud she was to be associated with this historic church. When she first came to lead the parish, no one spoke of the Ocoee Massacre. She said she was pleased that the silence has now been broken.